Jenna Black

Primary Teacher

Glenboig Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Will Self-Assessment Checklists Have In My Classroom?


I made the decision to investigate self-assessment checklists as I had the desire to encourage independent working amongst pupils. Furthermore, I believed it would have a positive impact on both leaner and teacher. Assessment is an integral part of teaching and something which I utilise regularly in my own practice however, I wanted to see if being more thorough in my use of these checklists would have a progressive impact upon teaching and learning in my classroom. Assessment is a huge feature of teaching and learning and should be continuously utilised within learning environments. This is supported by ‘Building the Curriculum 5’ where it states the assessment provides a basis for constructive feedback and creates discussion points between learner and teacher in order to work on the learners next steps. It is therefore essential that there is full understanding of how to use and implement assessment.


The aim of this professional enquiry was to assess the impact of self-assessment checklists have on my class and whether they would increase the independence of the pupils whilst working on task and allow them to have more ownership over their own work.

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