Jenna MacDermid

Primary Teacher

St. Aidan's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

Using Real-Time Feedback in the Classroom


The decision to research real-time feedback was influenced by the interest the group had in growth mindset and its links to feedback within the classroom.

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) encompasses many strands with the aim of increasing both attainment and achievement of school children in Scotland in order to prepare them for the world beyond school. (Scottish Government, 2011) One of the strands within CfE is that of assessment. Building the curriculum 5, (BTC 5) states that “the active involvement of children and young people in assessment is essential to ensure they have a well-developed sense of ownership of their learning” (BTC 5, 2011:6). Therefore, championing “Assessment is for Learning” can lead to progression within children’s learning. Clarke (2014) states that “the most powerful educational tool for raising achievement and preparing children to be lifelong learners, in any context, is formative assessment” (Clarke, 2014:8) which, used in preference to summative methods, can reduce the negative effects on the morale of children. This particularly true for “those within lower ability ranges” (Satterly, 1989:278). This demonstrates the integration of assessment within the area of Growth Mindset. The work of John Hattie also looks at the importance of supporting pupil engagement in evaluation from a research perspective, which led to the decision to focus this practitioner enquiry on analysing the use of real-time feedback within the classroom as a means of formative assessment throughout children’s learning.

Within many schools it has become apparent that “there is a need to prioritise implementation of strategies designed to improve the attainment in numeracy” in accordance with the National Improvement Framework. (Education Scotland, 2016) This statement was influential in my decision to use numeracy as the primary area of the curriculum as a focus for this investigation.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the use of “real-time feedback” as a formative assessment tool in relation to Growth Mindset throughout numeracy lessons within a primary classroom setting.

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