Jenna Thomson

Primary Teacher

Chryston Primary School

  • Time of Day

Does the time of day have an impact on the learning and achievement of pupils?


It can be said that children’s concentration levels may vary throughout the day. According to Fisher et al (1981) a student can only learn when he or she is in some way paying attention and fully concentrated. As a result of this I had a desire to research children’s ability throughout the day to see which factors may affect their learning and when in particular the children feel they are reaching their full potential. This professional enquiry can therefore help to lead me to the best practice for the children and understand the ways to help the children to reach their full potential. I understand there are many factors which can affect the children’s learning and will take these into consideration.


For this enquiry, I have outlined two aims:

  1. To recognise how children rate their own learning and achievement during different times of the school day.
  2. To investigate the children’s concentration throughout different times of day.
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