Jennifer Glen


Chryston High School

  • Transitions

What happens when music is introduced as a method of transition?


During this practitioner enquiry I wanted to look into transitions into learning and a way to get the class settled and ready to learn.  I decided to look at settling the class and making sure they are ready and calm to work by introducing music.

Music is often used during studying so it was hoped that this could enhance concentration during the start of lessons. Music has been found to have marked improvements in performance for young people categorised as “stimulus seeking” and “over active” (Bloor 261-274). Therefore, in settling the class it is these young people which will find it most challenging to be quiet so music could provide the transition between getting to the class and being ready to work.


The aim of this project was to investigate if there was any improvement to concentration whilst music played during the starter task. Furthermore, it is hoped that this impact during the starter task results in the class being more ready to learn throughout the rest of the lesson.

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