Jennifer Rankin

Primary Teacher

Knowetop Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live calls motivate pupils to engage in remote learning?


The construction of the Curriculum for Excellence is determinant of the improved quality of teaching and learning provisions observed within Scottish schools (The Scottish Government, 2008). This framework encourages practitioners to adopt methods of education delivery in accordance with national guidelines and expectations.  

Current lockdown restrictions pertaining to the global pandemic COVID-19 have forced educators to facilitate learning in alternative ways as significant means to maintain achievement and attainment for all children. As a result, various digital systems have been utilised to act as a virtual meeting space for classes worldwide. Students are now accustomed to methods of online learning; defined as being educational experiences in synchronous or asynchronous environments with internet access (Singh & Thurman, 2019, as cited by Dhawan, 2020). It is the role of teachers to establish digital learning routines and design electronic learning materials which tailor to student motivation and are conducive to learning (Lathrop, 2011).  

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) outline teaching requirements to: ‘use assessment, recording and reporting as an integral part of the teaching process to support and enhance learning’ (GTCS, 2012). As such, this enquiry sought to clarify if live virtual calls with students helped to increase their motivation and engagement with remote learning. The data presented within this study can aid practitioners to reflect upon the use and frequency of their live meetings with pupils to support children to success whilst using digital platforms (NLC, 2020).  


The group enquiry sought to explore the impact that live calls have had on pupils’ motivation to engage in learning during school closure. The intended enquiry objectives are summarised as follows:  

  • Investigate the current status of engagement in the virtual classroom.  
  • Compare levels of engagement throughout the school week.   
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