Jennifer Richmond

Biology with Science

Coatbridge High

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

What happens when exit tickets are used in the online classroom?


In education, assessments have been described to have multiple purposes and can be carried out using various strategies. One crucial form of assessment is known as formative assessment (FA), which has been defined by Black and Wiliam (1998) as ‘all those activities undertaken by teachers, and by their students in assessing themselves, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which they are engaged’. There are a variety of FA techniques which can be used in the classroom, some examples of include, quizzes, observations, think-pair-share, questioning, self/peer assessment and exit passes (Laveault and Allal, 2016). Typically, assessment for learning has been recognised as a key factor for developing and encouraging student learning. The principles of FA focus on several different aspects of learning including affective and social as well as cognitive (Strijbos and Sluijsmans, 2010). This is important for monitoring student knowledge and understanding, as well as progression in subjects and helps to formulate next steps (Bryce, 2018, chapter 68). This form of assessment actively encourages students to participate in the assessment process and can be used to produce a profile rather than just a test result. The feedback produced from these assessment activities should be used to support and encourage learning. Despite this, the quality of the assessment determines its value in education and how successful it is at monitoring student progression (Strijbos and Sluijsmans, 2010). Black & Wiliam (1998) questioned the effectiveness of self-assessment, they argued that not all pupils know how to correctly self-assess and some may be too self-critical.

For this reason, this enquiry is going to focus on digital exit passes as a form of FA and determine their effectiveness in assessing student’ level of success in the online classroom.


This enquiry aims to investigate the effectiveness of digital exit passes in secondary science classes during online learning, as a type of formative assessment to evaluate pupil knowledge and understanding of the content covered and allowing them to self-assess.

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