Jill Muir

Primary Teacher

Calderbank Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when goal setting is introduced to the virtual classroom?


The Scottish Government states in ‘Building the Curriculum 2′ that teachers need to plan
approaches to learning which reflect “enthusiasms, needs and interests” of the pupils
(Scottish Executive, 2007:9). The current global pandemic has shifted the focus of learning in
the physical classroom to remote learning and teaching in the virtual classroom. As a result,
pupils and practitioners have adapted their learning and teaching to interact more readily with
digital technology platforms. This transition between synchronous and asynchronous
teaching has highlighted the issue of how to continue engaging pupils whilst working at a
distance. According to Schunk (1990), when pupils achieve personal goals, they feel more
capable of further challenge and develop a greater sense of self-efficacy and personal
achievement. Further research suggests that goal setting in the classroom can help to
intrinsically motivate pupils to complete and succeed with tasks (Valerio, 2012).

Due to the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and its challenges for pupil progression, my
group felt it was important to enquire into pedagogies such as “goal setting” in the hope of
establishing positive pupil engagement with online learning and teaching.


The aim of this Professional Enquiry was to investigate the effects of goal setting in the
virtual classroom. More specifically, the enquiry was designed to monitor the impact of goal
setting with the online engagement of pupils throughout a four-week block of distanced

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