Jillian Welsh

Primary Teacher

Muir St. Primary School

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when goal setting is introduced into the classroom?


The Curriculum for Excellence strives for all successful learners to be enthusiastic and motivated towards their learning (The Scottish Government, 2009). However, it is known that some pupils within the primary school can lack motivation in their work for various reasons (William, 2011). Some of these can be low self-esteem, an unhappy home background, a lack of enthusiasm or learning difficulties. Goal setting in the classroom helps develop focus, a sense of purpose and motivation (Robins, 2012). It also helps the children take ownership of their learning and achievement. Feedback within goal setting is invaluable, so that the children are aware of how successful they are in their learning.  Black and William (1998) demonstrate that pupils who receive good quality feedback are empowered to have more responsibility in their learning and learn more effectively.


The aim of this enquiry was to use a planned and structured approach to measure the impact of goal setting within Literacy in a Primary 4 class. It was also to encourage the motivation of pupils through this particular type of goal setting.

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