Jo Maguire


Cardinal Newman High

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Exit Passes in the Classroom


Dylan William states that teachers should be assessing for learning minute by minute and day by day. (Assessment, 2005) Assessment for learning, allows teachers to assess and evaluate their own practice, as well as allowing the pupils to understand their own learning and what they need to do to progress. If we allow the pupils to self-assess their own work, it allows them to take responsibility for their own learning. It gives them the life-long learning skills to self-evaluate, set learning goals and encourages them to be active learners. Brooks and Brooks (1993)

The reason for choosing to do this practitioner enquiry on the Use of Exit Passes in the Classroom, was to discover if using exit passes had an impact on learning and hopefully improve my own teaching practise.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover the impact of using self-assessing exit passes in a S2 Drama Class

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