Jonathan Campbell

Primary Teacher

Whitelees Primary School

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when specific ‘self-reliance’ time is introduced into the classroom?


My school’s Improvement Plan in the previous year had included the promotion of the growth mind-set culture; this has been continued on this year as part of the school ethos. My group decided we wanted to focus on this area for the practitioner enquiry. Through discussion we realised there was a shared opinion on independent working and self-resilience in lessons throughout all stages. In my circumstance, my pupils were very aware of the idea of a growth mind-set and that effort and hard work should be highlighted and praised, but the aspects of independent working and solving issues or problems autonomously were not as well embedded, strategies developed or even known in some cases. I have found that in my Primary 2 class my teaching time or support input can be hampered by questions or queries that the pupils can solve themselves.


The aim is to promote independent working and to increase the pace of work. The context for promoting independent working requires the reduction of pupils asking the teacher questions they can easily find the answer to themselves or that are merely being used as a distraction or delay to working on task. This should highlight self-reliance strategies and raise the expectations of work completed during lessons.

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