Jonathan McSherry


St. Andrew's High

  • Assessment For Learning

Using Traffic Lights as a Form of Self-Assessment to Inform the Next Steps in Learning & Teaching


Due to the demanding nature of the teaching profession, with limited time being available to spend with each individual pupil due to large class sizes, increase of ASN pupils and the cutbacks of classroom assistants, there is an increasing need for pupils to assess their own learning to further their development in a subject according to Education and Skills (2019).

Formative assessment is a key tool used by teachers to determine the success of a lesson and Kenowski (1995) acknowledges formative assessment motivates pupils to progress in their learning. These two issues triggered our curiosity of finding out if pupils would be able to assess their own learning and understand what they need to work on to achieve a given success criteria.

This led the enquiry to believe that pupils could be trusted to carry out successful and honest self-assessments which would give valid evidence of its effectiveness.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate if using Traffic lights as a form of self- assessment would help to inform the next steps in Learning & Teaching.

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