Jordan McFarlane

Primary Teacher

Ravenswood Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Exit Passes Are Used In The Classroom?


Within education, formative assessment has become an essential component in teaching. It encourages and supports both pupils and teachers in the development of self, peer and teacher assessment through engaging and active ways. The Assessment is For Learning (AifL) principles are embedded into the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), within Scottish Education. CfE acknowledges this stating that ‘The active involvement of children and young people in assessment is essential to ensure they have a well-developed sense of ownership of their learning and help one another’ (Building the Curriculum 5, 2011). It is the intended that this practitioner enquiry will allow us to reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of using ‘exit passes’ as a strategy of formative assessment within the classroom. Pollard, (2014) says that “reflective professionals should be able to draw on, or contribute to, many sources of evidence, and use them to inform their teaching practices.”


The aim of this practitioner enquiry is to evaluate the success of exit passes and a formative assessment strategy and their impact on pupils being able to self-assess their learning within a second level, primary school classroom.

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