Julie McCracken

Primary Teacher

St. Helen's Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when peer assessment is used in the classroom?


The curriculum for excellence states that in order for reflection to be effective, learners should be supported in developing their peer assessment skills (The Scottish Government, 2011). The learners in my class enjoy giving and receiving peer feedback, but this is not always beneficial to their learning as some are unsure of how to make the feedback constructive and what to comment on. Therefore, it is imperative to teach children the skills on how to make feedback informative and linked directly to the Success Criteria. Effective training will allow me to discover whether pupils understanding of peer assessment has developed and if they have used their knowledge to peer assess efficiently.


The aims of this enquiry are as follows:

  • to establish whether pupils have the skills to peer assess effectively,
  • to establish whether pupils use peer assessment in order to help them to progress in their learning


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