Karalyn Arrol


Bellshill Academy

  • Cooperative Learning

What effect does peer-assessment checkpoints have on pupils’ learning?


According to Housell (2008), peer assessment at checkpoints should:

  • Enhance pupils’ engagement during lessons.
  • Increase the amount of ‘meaningful’ feedback given and received.
  • Assist in the understanding of successful outcomes, increasing the ability to achieve the success criteria.

Peer assessment can create a positive ethos within the classroom and allow pupils a sense of responsibility for the learning that takes place. Through peer assessment, pupils become fundamental in the progression of one another and often have a positive impact on their peers’ engagement within lessons. It is important to consider how we assess pupils, assessment should take place not only at the end of a unit of work, but throughout each unit to allow pupils to reflect on their progress (Black and Wiliam, 1998).


This enquiry aims to investigate the impact that peer assessment at various checkpoints has on pupils’ learning and engagement.

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