Karen Hindmarsh

Primary Teacher

Balmalloch Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the impact on teaching and learning when children use an exit pass?


The aim of the enquiry was to understand the impact of using an exit pass for self assessment. Assessment is for learning (Aifl) strategies give a coherent response to children’s learning and their continuous development needs within the classroom. Education Scotland states that an Aifl school is ‘… a place where everyone learns together’ (Government, 2005).
This statement was at the heart of my enquiry as I tested how an exit pass at the end of a series of lessons can be used to support further teaching, and ultimately to enrich the pupils’ experiences.


The purpose of this enquiry was to:

  • Experiment with a variety of exit passes, document pupil responses and summarise the impact of different styles of exit pass for teaching and learning
  • Profile how exit pass information impacts teaching and pupil experience.
  • Review pupil responses and investigate the correlation between exit pass information, response rate and quality


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