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Business Studies & ICT

Chryston High

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What Happens When I Introduce A Structure For Pupil-Led Discussion In The Classroom?


The use of talk is an important element of education as a whole and helps pupils to think and learn from their surroundings and others (Pay, 2016). Pupils’ ability to understand and articulate their answers is a continuous challenge for Business Management as a subject. Two of the main capacities of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) are to help pupils develop into Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors. Encouraging discussion in the classroom is a way to help pupils build their communication skills, as well as allowing them to begin sharing their opinion and state their thoughts on a matter (The Scottish Government, 2008). It is important that teachers are using a variety of strategies to engage learners and incorporating simple pupil-led discussion tasks should allow pupils the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills simultaneously. The overall purpose of this study is to investigate the impact pupil-led discussion had on the pupils within the class.


The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of general pupil-led discussion and the impact of having a basic structure to stimulate the pupil-led discussion in the classroom.

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