Kathleen Cunningham


Bellshill Academy

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when Bloom’s Taxonomy is introduced to online learning?


As a teacher it is important to prepare children with the necessary skills needed in order to be
successful. Since the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence, there has been an emphasis
on developing critical thinking skills within children in order to give them skills for life
(Education Scotland, 2010). Bloom’s Taxonomy is a pedagogical approach that places
emphasis on a Higher Order of Thinking and Questioning. It covers a range of skills from
basic recall and analysing concepts to creating and evaluating work. Benjamin Bloom,
famously developed a; “ …classification of levels of intellectual behaviour important in
learning” (Overbaugh, 2014) which we now understand as the Bloom’s Taxonomy Pyramid.
One of the many questions facing educators today, as it always been, is “where do we begin
in seeking to improve human thinking?” (Houghton, 2004). Vogler (2005) found that
teachers ask between 300-400 questions per day; which can be as much as 120 questions per
hour based on the subject matter and the type of lesson, which is being delivered., he found
that these questions demonstrate low-level cognitive abilities, as they only require the pupils
to recall previous knowledge or information that they have already learned. Due to the
practical nature of Drama, it was important to set progressive Higher Order Thinking tasks in
ascending order, which provided pupils with a chance to take responsibility for their own
online learning through various tasks. Bloom’s Taxonomy offers a progressive structure for
teachers and pupils alike (Bloom, 1956). It provides pupils with an opportunity to build upon
the knowledge they already have and provoke deeper levels of thinking in order to further
their learning. The enquiry will be carried out to investigate the effect Bloom’s Taxonomy
and Higher Order Thinking tasks can have within online teaching and learning.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate to what extent pupil understanding and their capacity
to think critically were developed through embedding Bloom’s Taxonomy into lessons and
how this could improve and progress the learner journey.

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