Katie Ann Mclure

Primary Teacher

Chryston Primary

  • Making Thinking Visible

What Happens When I Make Thinking Visible in the Classroom?


Swensen and Rasmussen (2015) explain the importance of Making Thinking Visible to encourage the development of higher levels of thinking. Using the routines gives the children opportunity to explore what is in their head by furthering their thinking. Furthering thinking by saying “what makes you say that?” or asking children to explain what they mean in a different way allows for them to explore their own thoughts further (Swensen and Rasmussen, 2015). The routines focus on the learning process itself, provoking discussions which advance learning over time. Through discussion in our enquiry group, it became clear that each class had the same children that repeatedly respond and engage in discussion during class conversations. As well as having the children that never answer questions or volunteer information. Between the primary teachers, it was also clear that we are trying to implement higher order thinking within the classroom. Majority of the group had heard about Making Thinking Visible and enjoyed using the routines. We agreed to focus on the impact of introducing MTV routines into the class regularly and assess if they make a difference to children’s communication and responses.


The aim of this Professional Enquiry was to consider how Making Thinking Visible (MTV) routines will impact children’s thinking and communication in the classroom.

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