Katie Bear

Physics with Science

Cumbernauld Academy

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What happens to assignment submission numbers when a digital quiz is used as a tool for engagement?


The definition in pupil engagement differs between sources, but in general it refers to “meaningful student involvement throughout the learning environment” (Jonathan Martin and Amada Torres, 2016). Throughout online learning during this academic year there has been widespread concern about the impact this would have on pupils, especially those from disadvantaged homes (Lucas, Nelson and Sims, 2020). The engagement of pupils during this time dropped dramatically, as pupils and teachers alike adapted to remote learning, which was new to many. Disengagement in a class is known to take place gradually (Eemer Eivers & Aidan Clerkin, 2013), so it is important to intervene quickly to stop this from escalating. Increasing pupils’ engagement has been a huge priority of all schools during the past 12 months and this enquiry aimed to explore methods on how to do this. Kahoot! is a free game-based learning tool (Alf Inge Wang, Rabail Tahir, 2020), used to test pupils’ knowledge for formative assessment purposes or as a fun end-of-lesson activity. The instant feedback and competitive nature of Kahoot! creates excitement within pupils and encourages them to engage with the learning content.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover and assess the impact that introducing an interactive quiz to a class of S1 had on assignment submission rates in an online environment. In addition, the enquiry was used to determine how pupils felt their motivation levels were affected by these interactive quizzes.

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