Keighley Frew

Primary Teacher

St. Serf's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

How Effective is Real Time Feedback?


Within our group we felt that children would benefit from being provided with verbal real time feedback as a way to motivate them to work on their success criteria instead of looking back on their work at a later date to then improve on it. We therefore decided to base our practitioner enquiry around using verbal real time feedback to meet our learner’s needs. The Curriculum for Excellence states that a child’s motivation can be important to the processes and outcomes of assessment and therefore aims to involve children in the assessment of their own learning in order to enhance motivation (Scottish Government, 2010). As a group we decided to explore real time feedback as a way to observe the impact it has on motivation, in this case to meet core targets within literacy. Dylan Wiliams (2018) suggests that providing feedback based on how a pupil can improve on their work is more effective than commenting on how well they have done compared to the rest of the class. With this in mind, this enquiry will explore how verbal real time feedback can motivate a child to reach to reach the full potential of a task.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the impact real time verbal feedback within literacy would have on meeting the success criteria for core targets.

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