Kelly Crielly

Primary Teacher

St. Bartholomew's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when reflective learning logs are introduced into the classroom?


It is necessary to consider the notable issue within the classroom that some pupils can lack confidence and motivation in their work (William, 2011). Reflective learning logs serve a range of purposes, namely that they can help to develop pupils into being critical thinkers, allow pupils to have ownership in their learning and ultimately, provide them with a voice in the classroom as a means of self-expression, thus allowing them to show their thinking rather than defending their knowledge (Moon, 2003). The practice of writing across the curriculum has been widely debated for some time (McIntosh and Draper, 2011), thus, this enquiry looks to investigate the impact of learning log reflections on pupil learning within the classroom.


The aim of this enquiry was to measure the impact of learning log reflections within a Primary 7 class and whether this process would improve the quality of the pupils’ work. Furthermore, it was also hoped that pupils would have increased confidence and motivation through this process of active reflection.

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