Kelly Paterson

Primary Teacher

Noble Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Effect Does the use of Exit Passes Have in the Classroom?


Assessment is a critical step in the learning process. It provides evidence to evaluate where children are in their learning journey. Assessment is recognised in education as a major factor for raising standards and achievement in children’s learning (Black and William, 1998). Building the Curriculum 5 (Scottish Government, 2011), describes teacher’s roles and responsibilities to involve learners in the assessment process. The document advises teachers to plan the success criteria with the children. By allowing children to self-assess their own work allows them to take responsibility for their own learning. It gives them the life-long learning skills to self-evaluate, set learning goals and encourages them to be active learners. Brooks and Brooks (1993) state that by making children autonomous for their learning, children begin to use their initiative to ask their own questions and find their own answers.


The aim of this enquiry was to discover the impact of using self-assessment exit slips in a primary classroom.

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