Kerry Mclean


Caldervale High

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when I introduce the traffic light system of self-assessment to my pupils?


Self-assessment is a fundamental tool to use in the classroom in efforts to raise attainment (Sadler and Good 2006). By coaching learners to self-assess on a regular basis, they are encouraged to take ownership for their own efforts (McCallum 2000). If self-assessment is not practiced routinely, learners will fail to evaluate their work accurately and effectively which may affect progress.
Coaching learners to self-assess can only be a valuable process when practised regularly in the classroom. If self-assessment does not become engrained in every day teaching, learners will fail to evaluate their work accurately (Black and Wiliam 1998; McCallum 2000; Topping 2009). Creating opportunities for pupils to self-assess will allow them to reflect and develop practical and critical skills in Art & Design.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the impact of using the traffic lighting system in the classroom as a form of self-assessment.

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