Kerry McShane

Primary Teacher

St. Stephen's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What will happen when I introduce the chilli challenge to my pupils?


It is thought that one day practitioner enquiry will be part of the day to day life of teachers (GTCS, online). Humes (2014) has pointed out that previously, institutions put no real emphasis on teachers’ research; however we now see a shift and teachers across Scotland are highly encouraged to participate in their own practitioner enquiries. In doing so, teachers are continuing their professional and lifelong learning by researching into subjects which can affect the teaching. As a result of their research, practitioners can use teaching and learning strategies that have been validated by research (Reeves & Drew, 2013) to benefit children in the classroom. Teachers can participate in collaborative professional enquiry (Reeves & Drew, 2013; Dickson & McQueen, 2014) by focussing on a research question as a group and sharing their ideas and findings. As a group, for our professional enquiry, we decided to enquire into what kind of impact the ‘chilli challenge’ would have on pupils’ motivation and drive to challenge themselves.


Through the introduction of the chilli challenge, I aimed to increase pupils’ motivation to challenge themselves, and their learning, in the classroom. I hoped to see a change in pupils’ attitudes towards their learning and see them push themselves to complete more difficult challenges when they felt ready.

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