Kieran McConville


Caldervale High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens in the Classroom When Traffic Lights are Used as a Self-Assessment Tool?


Formative assessment is a procedure used by teachers to monitor the progress and development of every pupil in their classroom. It is used to adapt future lessons and to highlight any potential problems or concerns. It is important for the teacher to make learning intentions clear and provide pupils with useful feedback. However, learners must also be familiar with setting their own targets and determine if they are succeeding with the use of self-assessment. Self-assessment is more than just a useful tool to use in a classroom but is in fact a crucial element of formative assessment (Black and William, 1998). The purpose of this enquiry is to give pupils an opportunity to self-assess their confidence and progress in certain topics and to monitor pupils who feel they struggle with certain topics and to set aside one to one time during lessons for those individuals.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate what happens in the classroom when traffic lights are used as a self-assessment tool.

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