Kimberley Edie

Primary Teacher

St. Andrew's Primary, Cumbernauld

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Does teacher contact in an online environment increase pupil engagement?


Throughout this recent period of online learning, it was imperative that all school pupils at all levels engaged with the work set by their teachers, in order to continue to progress their learning. All modifications to classroom time, planned or otherwise “have been documented to have an effect on student performance” (Azevedo, J, 2020). Given that this was now the second occasion where pupils in Scotland had to adapt to distance learning, it was even more important that educators across Scotland endeavoured to ensure that all school pupils not only had the means to be able to access the work set out by their teachers but also do everything they could to encourage and promote pupil engagement.
The practitioners within our group decided to explore how we could enhance pupil engagement in an online setting with our respective classes and considered if teacher contact with the pupils was influential in anyway. We therefore set out to measure this throughout the following enquiry.


Our aim was to measure pupil engagement on days that live teacher contact occurred against days where there was no live teacher contact. We then sought to ascertain if there was any correlation with this and the level of pupil engagement for that particular day. For the purposes of this enquiry, we consider teacher contact to be a live video call, where pupils and teachers can interact directly. Also, for the purposes of this study we can consider pupil engagement to be pupils participating in or submitting a piece of work for at least one task set by their teacher per day via specific platforms (Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Sumdog etc) or by joining a live video call via Microsoft Teams.

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