Kimberley Young

Primary Teacher

Glencairn Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Regular Check-ins on Pupil Attainment of Predetermined Success Criteria


Assessment is a critical part of the learning process. Assessment provides evidence of a child’s learning and development using this information to adapt your teaching and future planning for children in their learning journey. Curriculum for excellence has recognised Assessment is For Learning (AiFL) as a vital aspect to learning and highlights teacher’s roles and responsibility to ensure learners are involved and informed in the assessment process (Scottish Government, 2011). Self-assessment gives ownership to a child’s learning and development, where children have responsibility of their own learning. CFE’s principles for curriculum design are there to assist teachers’ in their practice. Almuntasheri (2016) emphasises the importance of using assessment in the classroom and that practitioners should allow for opportunities for children to reflect upon their learning and identify developmental areas. Children must be provided with feedback at regular intervals to enable the highest attainment and achievement for all. Therefore, the use of exit passes as part of self-assessment will be the focus of the research. This enquiry will investigate how making success criteria more visible impact a child’s learning.


The aim of this enquiry is to explore what happens when the success criteria is made more visible to learners within the lesson through the use of incorporating regular check-ins.

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