Kirsten MacGregor

Primary Teacher

Langloan Primary

  • Digital Learning: Health & Wellbeing

Using emotional wellbeing check-ins on digital platforms


The consequences of the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, has had an impact on all aspects of society (Bynner, McBride, Weakley, Ward, & McLean, 2020). Research carried out during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown showed children experienced an increased level of stress (Scottish Government, 2020).

Research proposes that practitioners should be aware of the role of emotions in pupils learning (Goleman, 1996). A pupil’s emotional wellbeing has been suggested to be a key indicating factor in determining emotional, social, and academic performance (Clarke et al, 2014). School-wide approaches to mental-health wellbeing have been shown to increase social, emotional and academic performance (Clarke et al, 2014). Due to the current crisis, many children will now be spending significantly more time at home, with a change in the level of support they would typically receive from their teacher. The changes learners in Scotland have faced are likely to affect School performance, educational attainment and an overall increase in the attainment gap within education (Seville et al., 2020).

The Scottish Government (2017), highlights the responsibility of all adults, working within a School, to support and develop the emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of pupils, as part of their ‘Responsibility for All’ (Scottish Government, 2017). Adapting to online learning requires practitioners to carry out emotion wellbeing check-ins, to understand the wellbeing of an individual child and provide appropriate support. Worrying trends in recent research has suggested children experiencing poverty and social isolation are facing increasing levels of stress, and that there is an emergence of psychological problems, triggered by COVID-19, in children world-wide (Seville et al., 2020; Ma et al., 2021).


The aim of this enquiry was to monitor pupil wellbeing throughout home learning and observe engagement levels with digital platforms.

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