Kirsty Prentice


Coatbridge High

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when individual roles are introduced within a group?


The incorporation of roles into a cooperative learning set up has been said to stimulate motivation and promote enhanced levels of participation within pupils within a mixed ability environment as well as encouraging positive attitudes (Blatchford et al., 2003). Generally many children face nervousness and anxiety when faced with working within a group, this can hinder their ability to learn and reach their full potential (Galton et al., 2008). The assignment of roles within cooperative learning groups is said to aid this issue and increase the level of participation due to the individual accountability required in order to complete the final task expected of the pupils (Johnson & Johnson, 2013).


  • To evaluate the effect that assigning cooperative learning roles within groups has upon pupil motivation to learn.
  • To assess how the assigning of these roles encourages participation within a group setting.
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