Kirsty Tindle

Primary Teacher

Dunrobin Primary

  • Cooperative Learning

What Happens When I Introduce Think-Pair-Share Into My Classroom?


Think, pair, share (TPS) is a collaborative learning strategy where pupils work together to solve a problem or to answer a question. It allows children to participate and engage in their learning through discussion with their peers. TPS was chosen as a means of assessing pupils and involving them in their learning. Braun (2017) has emphasised that TPS increases confidence and pupil participation as the children can share their ideas with a partner. Children are given more time to think about their learning and can get involved in discussions, resulting in an improved quality of responses. (Rowe, 1972).


The aim of this enquiry was to research the impact that TPS had in the classroom and the effect this had on the assessment and learning of the pupils. This enquiry specifically focused on the impact that TPS has on children’s confidence to speak out in the classroom.

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