Kirsty Wyatt

Primary Teacher

Kirkshaws Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Will Self-Assessment Checklists Have In My Classroom?


It is essential to have knowledge and understanding of the importance of research and engagement in professional enquiry in order to meet the standards for full registration. Taber suggests that educational research allows us to understand a pupils thinking about particular subjects and their views of classroom learning and general running of the school day (2013). By undertaking our research, our group hoped to meet this criterion whilst simultaneously developing self-assessment skills and creating independence in the pupils in our classes. This was to be achieved through the use of self-assessment checklists. This is because self-assessment creates opportunities for pupils to identify what makes a good piece of work (Boud, 1995) Checklists were chosen as they do not require a large amount of teacher assistance and are easy for pupils to use.


The aim of this enquiry was to find out what happened when pupils used checklists when completing self-assessment throughout taught writing in a Primary classroom. The self-assessment checklists were to encourage pupils to proof read their work and become more independent throughout the writing process.

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