Laura Campbell

Technological Education

Chryston High

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Is Pupil Self-Evaluation Relative to Pupil Understanding in Online Learning?


Secondary education has looked very different this year with part of the term time being completed through online learning. Normally pupil understanding and ensuring learner progress would be displayed through a series of class tests, formative assessment, and observations by the teacher. Online learning has provided the new challenge of keeping learners engaged in their learning while monitoring progress and understanding. As Dylan Wiliam and Paul Black (1998) have noted, disengagement with learning can be detrimental to progress, therefore we must employ the formative assessment techniques that have been developed to improve engagement and achievement. Through the introduction of a self-evaluation checkpoint coupled with an exam question will encourage learners to participate with the online lessons. Through self-evaluation we can encourage learners to become comfortable with admitting what they do not know and when they need help, aligning our practice with Dweck’s (2012) growth mindset theory.

For learners to progress further, as teachers, we need to understand the impact our teaching has on our learners. John Hattie (2009) explains that for teachers to fully understand their impact of their practice they must ask the people who experience learning and teaching every day, the learners. By introducing these checkpoints, the teacher will be able to quickly identify any gaps in the learning and adapt their practice to increase understanding and attainment. However, to fully gauge understanding and progress we must ensure that we ask open-ended questions that allow learners to make their thinking visible (Ritchart, Church, & Morrison, 2011).


The aim of this practitioner enquiry was to gauge how learners self-evaluate their understanding in relation to successfully answering an exam style question in online learning. The purpose of which was to determine pupil understanding and identify if learners over or underestimate this when using a rating system.

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