Laura Devlin


St Maurice's High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

An insight into engagement with online learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic


The transition to online learning has come with its challenges and also benefits for pupils. It is our role as teachers to provide the highest quality of education for each of our pupils as we would in the classroom. We must ensure that those relationships that have been built from the beginning of the year remain the same and that pupils know those aspects of teaching and learning will not change. The transition to online teaching and learning has also meant that we must break down barriers so that all pupils can engage and access the resources. This involves the whole school working together and communicating to share our concerns and praise for how pupils have managed this transition. This is a focus everyday for class teachers to ensure that students are engaging. This enquiry will focus on the engagement in online learning specifically in English, the steps I took and the outcomes.


Raising engagement in the targeted class through using various methods of online teaching. The methods include live lessons and using forms to create quizzes using past paper questions as revision and to check pupil’s understanding. The findings at the end of each week will be used to adapt my method of teaching to suit the needs of each pupil.

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