Laura Gillies

Primary Teacher

Glenboig Primary

  • Making Thinking Visible

What Happens When I Make Thinking Visible in the Classroom?


This enquiry sets out to investigate the impact of ‘making thinking visible’ strategies to promote effective communication, specifically looking at the use of number talks within the primary classroom. The subject of this enquiry was selected after considerable discussion among a variety of primary and secondary probationers queried how we can best develop the communication of each individuals thinking process in a specific curricular area, which can later be developed throughout the curriculum. Richhart et al. (2011) states teachers must have a window into learners understanding of learning, modelling to students what it means to engage with ideas and think; showing them that learning is about much more than memorising for a test. This enquiry will target all learners within my classroom, regardless of ability.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate how ‘making thinking visible’ strategies can enrich learners understanding of learning and foster educational development, creating a shift in classroom culture towards a community of enthusiastically engaged thinkers and learners across the curriculum.

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