Laura Mackenzie

Primary Teacher

Langloan Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact Will Self-Assessment Checklists Have In My Classroom?


Our group decided to implement change in our classrooms through introducing a self-assessment checklist to our pupils. We wanted to see whether self-assessment could help our pupils to become more independent and think more carefully about targets and how to meet them. Poehner (2012) states that a way in which pupils can improve their independence is through self-assessment. In particular, we wanted our pupils to be able to look over and check their work for accuracy before handing it in, taking time to ensure they have met success criteria. Self-assessment is also a current strategy within the Assessment is For Learning framework and something which schools are looking for teachers to promote within their classrooms (Scottish Government, 2005). Additionally, according to the Assessment is For Learning document, children’s best learning can occur when they are actively involved in choosing their own next steps.


The aims for this enquiry were to:

  1. Find out whether the implementation of self-assessment checklists is effective in improving independence.
  2. Find out if self-reflection checklists can assist children in meeting success criteria more effectively.
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