Laura McIlwaine

Home Economics

St. Andrew's High

  • Cooperative Learning

What happens when individual roles are introduced within a group?


Cooperative learning is a form of small group instruction in which students work together in a social setting to solve problems (Slavin, 1991, 1996).

It has been suggested that introducing individual roles within a group can encourage increased levels of individual participation and promotes positive attitudes (Blatchford et al, 2003). When group work has previously been introduced into lessons and before individual roles were assigned, it was evident that a large proportion of learners would not fully engage in the task. By introducing roles within a group, this would result in each group member being accountable within the group. They would be depended on by everyone else within the group, in turn this would maximise pupil participation.


The aim of this classroom based practitioner enquiry was to introduce individual roles within the group and examine what the outcome would be.

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