Laura Thompson

Primary Teacher

St. John Paul II Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Effect of Live Verbal Feedback in Literacy


One of the major issues for the Scottish Government, and in turn North Lanarkshire Council, is raising attainment. Teachers need to establish practices to raise attainment. Marcus (2016) suggests this can be done by addressing individual needs and effective assessment and evaluation. In our group, we wanted to assess if we could use live verbal feedback to meet the needs of every child and raise attainment by giving children individualised live verbal feedback they could use.

Feedback is a key element to teaching and learning. Education Scotland (2019) highlight that feedback studies tend to show very high effects on learning and can be used as a tool to redirect the learners’ attention. Brookhart (2017) states the feedback you give students can be effective if it is useful for the child and provides them with information. For this reason, we wanted to investigate if live verbal feedback could be a positive tool to support learning and teaching.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the use of live verbal feedback during literacy in the classroom. This was to understand if children took on this live verbal feedback during a lesson and if it beneficial rather than giving written feedback to every piece of work.

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