Lauren Anderson

Modern Studies

Coatbridge High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Pupils Are Provided With Real Time Formative Feedback?


Our practitioner enquiry group chose to focus on providing real-time formative feedback for pupils as this enabled us to explore alternative forms of feedback as opposed to traditional written feedback. In addition, this gave us an opportunity to welcome mistakes in the classroom to promote a growth-mindset (Dweck 2008). Research reveals that frequent assessment feedback helps improve learning, particularly in the case of low attaining pupils (Black and Wiliam 1998). This evidence would suggest that formative feedback is key to reducing the gap in attainment which is crucial in supporting the GIRFEC policy (Education Scotland) by recognising achievement of all pupils and providing tailored support to the individual pupil.


By introducing checkpoints and providing pupils with real-time formative feedback, this project aimed to ascertain if pupils’ understanding of a concept improved; and if their self- confidence improved when participating in class.

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