Lauren Davie

Primary Teacher

Alexander Peden Primary

  • Health & Wellbeing

Mindful Pausing in the Classroom (Group 2F)


‘Mindful Pausing’ creates openness in the atmosphere when learning becomes intensified (Brown; Simmer-Brown; Grace, 2011). Parker Palmer (1993) describes using ‘Mindful Pausing’ in his teaching “when the words start to tumble out upon each other and the problem we are trying to unravel is getting more tangled.” According to Ryan Neimiec (2016), the reason why people have found ‘mindful pausing’ to be effective is that it is brief and can fit into any daily routine. Based on this reason, the implementation of ‘mindful pausing’ should be natural and not take any time away from learning.

The purpose of this research paper will be to observe mindful pausing in the classroom. Prior to carrying out the methodology, engaging with current research surrounding ‘mindfulness’ and more specifically ‘mindful pausing’ will ensure the implementation of ‘mindful pausing’ is relevant and an accurate result can be obtained. Evidence will be collected once a week over a period of four weeks. ‘Mindful Pausing’ will be implemented in ‘week 2’ and ‘week 4’ to show a comparison. Evidence will be taken from pupil work, formative assessment and a pupil focus group.


The aims of my practitioner enquiry are as follows:

  • To help improve engagement
  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Promote positive behaviour
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