Lauren Logan

Primary Teacher

Clarkston Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Is using 2 Stars and 1 wish strategy to provide digital feedback effective in improving pupil learning in literacy?


The topic for this enquiry was chosen to focus on an aspect of online learning which is pivotal for all practitioners and learners. The decision was influenced by the group’s interest in using feedback and the impact this has on pupil learning. Tunstall and Gipps (1996) define feedback as a formative assessment process which appraises, judges or evaluates students work or performance to shape and improve their competence. It was therefore decided to investigate whether using two stars and a wish as digital feedback improves pupil learning in literacy. 

Education Scotland (2019) demonstrate that feedback has an impact on pupil learning as it provides an opportunity for changes to be made immediately which can lead to an improvement in attainment. North Lanarkshire Council (2021) recognise that in the current climate of online learning, digital technology can enrich learning and teaching, raise attainment levels and close the attainment gap. This highlights the importance of remote learning and feedback to ensure children are still attaining while home learning. Increasing attainment in children is a national priority, therefore this enquiry will benefit professional development and teaching and learning. William (2016) demonstrated that feedback which focusses on what students need to do to improve impacts student’s achievement. Therefore, the use of two stars and a wish will help to raise attainment in literacy. This is supported by Education Scotland (2006) as when learners receive feedback about their learning and what they can do to improve, learner’s attainment improves.  

Providing children with feedback is an essential component of assessment as it provides children with opportunities to progress further in their learning. Black and William (1998) demonstrate that children who receive quality feedback are empowered to hold more responsibility over their learning which is proven to be a more effective way of teaching and learning.  


The aims of this enquiry are to evaluate the success of two stars and a wish assessment strategy and the impact it has on teaching and learning in literacy within a remote learning environment.  

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