Lauren MacKay

Primary Teacher

Glenboig Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when exit passes are used in the class?


The Curriculum for Excellence emphasises the importance of formative assessment in supporting children’s learning and to enhance their skills development (Curriculum for Excellence, 2011). There are numerous forms of formative assessment such as questioning, self and peer assessment and show me boards (Hattie, 2012). Research by Black and William (1998) demonstrates that in order for pupils to improve their learning through assessment, they have to be able to use self-assessments independently and understand how they can improve their work. When it comes to writing, I often feel that children display unmotivated attitudes. I believe this is the case as children do not frequently monitor their own learning and are therefore not identifying areas of strength and improvement to stimulate their learning. Therefore, the use of self-assessment may be beneficial to use as a focus in writing lessons as the core purpose is to allow children to take responsibility for their own learning (William 2008).


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the use of exit passes and their effect on children’s learning in the classroom environment.

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