Lauren McCann

History / Modern Studies

Our Lady's High Cumbernauld

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What Happens When a Check List is Used to Self-assess Learning in the Classroom Environment?


After noticing that many young people do not self-assess in a way that would be beneficial in enhancing their learning, I decided that I wanted to equip pupils with a simplistic strategy that would enable them to self-assess with an idea of the related success criteria in mind. It was hoped then that if young people had a checklist reminding them of the success criteria that self-assessment would take on a more meaningful approach that would be effective in allowing young people to be more in control of their own learning and be more aware of their next steps of development in their learning.


The main aims for this Practitioner Enquiry were as follows:

  1. I aim to make young people more aware of what effective self-assessment looks like.
  2. I aim to create a self-assessment strategy for S1 pupils that will allow them to self-assess after receiving feedback from a formal assessment.
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