Lauren O’Kane

Primary Teacher

St. Patrick's Primary, Shotts

  • Digital Learning: Learner Preference

An enquiry into learner preference using Kahoot versus Microsoft Forms


Education Scotland (2021) states in its COVID-19 Recovery Group document, that schools must adapt their teaching and learning in order to sustain children’s engagement during this time. Kahu (2013) defines this engagement as the amount of time each pupil dedicates to educational activities. The research group wanted to investigate how the outcomes of using quizzes can affect pupil engagement in a remote environment using digital platforms such as Kahoot versus Microsoft Forms. These are online platforms that may be used as enjoyment for pupils in the form of quizzes to help encourage them to engage in their online learning. The quizzes created by the class teachers were in relation to the children’s learning, and whilst recognising that engagement is not the only factor that influences outcomes, research by Dunleavy and Milton (2008) demonstrates that it has the potential to trigger deeper learning.  


The aim of this Practitioner Enquiry was to investigate the impact of using Kahoot and Microsoft Forms to motivate pupils in a composite P5/6 class and for them to be eager participants in their learning when using these software applications. Furthermore, the enquiry also investigated finding tools for teachers during remote learning and worked well to assess understanding.  

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