Lauren Thomson

Primary Teacher

Kilsyth Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Use Do Show-Me Boards Have in the Classroom?


Assesment is imperative throughout the curriculum to inform teachers of childrens knowledge, understanding and progress. Formative assessment is a vital tool embedded into daily teaching practices. Quality assessment is a major focus within education and in particular North Lanarkshire Council as assessment and moderation has evolved throughout the council. Formative assessment can be conducted using a variety of methods to assess pupils understanding, progress and any if any additional support is required to develop the childs understanding (Blatchford et al, 2006). It will also highlight the children that have graseped the concept and require further challenge.

Show-me boards is one method widely used throughout primary and secondary schools to assess childrens understanding. The use of effective questioning and show-me boards are a quick way for children to display answers and practitioners to check for comprehension. Black & Wiliam (2006) states that show-me boards allow for teachers to scaffold effective questioning and develop childrens thinking to allow a specific aspect of learning to be evaluated. Show-me boards ensures that all children within the class participate and make an effort to answer. It allows for real time feedback to be given and next steps to be identified. The teacher decides the wait time before children feedback the answer therefor wait time can be increased. This will allow time constraint pressure to be reduced in turn improving the quality of the answers and pupil confidence (Bennett, 2011). As this was a frequent tool used within the group throughout primary and secondary schools it was decided that show-me boards would be the focus of this research.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the use show-me boards have in my classroom.

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