Laurie Morrison

Primary Teacher

Eastfield Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What impact does online social interaction have on pupil engagement?


Covid restrictions have dramatically changed the way teacher’s teach and students learn; requiring pupils, parents and staff to embrace digital technology and online learning.  However, the importance of social interaction between a child and teacher and/or child with other children enabling a child’s learning and development academically and socially should not be underestimated (Daley, Renyard, Sonuga-Barke, 2005).   


The question as to whether remote learning in a digital distance format affords children sufficient time to interact with their teacher, or their peers, will be considered under the banner of  “What impact does social interaction have on engagement?”. 

This enquiry was conducted over a six week period, within the primary setting, involving a P5 class consisting of 27 pupils.  The aim was to ascertain whether online meetings between the teacher and the children would enhance their engagement and productivity. 

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