Lindsay Roberts

Primary Teacher

Plains Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Is using 2 Stars and 1 wish strategy to provide digital feedback effective in improving pupil learning in literacy?


The Scottish Government has a significant focus on raising attainment within the classroom. With one of the priority areas being literacy, it was decided as a group to focus our enquiry on how effective feedback in literacy is on the pupil’s learning. As learning moved to the online environment, our enquiry was carried out remotely. The Scottish Government Framework for Assessment (2011) explains that timing is essential for feedback, feedback helps children identify their next goal and it also allows for support to be put in place to benefit the learner. Providing feedback is essential in teaching and learning. Brookhart (2017) suggests that the feedback given to pupils will only be effective if they have a chance to use it. She also states that the most effective way for this to happen is if that opportunity is as soon as possible after the feedback is received. As previously researched by Dylan Wiliam, it would be “reasonable to conclude that the use of formative assessment can increase the rate of student learning by somewhere between 50 and 100%.” (Leahy & Wiliam, 2012:p52) For this reason, we wanted to see if providing literacy feedback to the children digitally in a ‘2 stars and 1 wish’ format would have an impact on their learning in this curricular area.  


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate how effective providing digital feedback in the form of ‘2 stars and 1 wish’ was when it comes to improving the pupils’ learning in literacy.  

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