Lindsey McIntyre


Dalziel High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Children Set the Success Criteria?


My enquiry question stemmed from an initial discussion about an interest in assessment strategies that I utilise in my learning and teaching. Having studied self-assessment strategies at university, I was eager to continue this study in a new light as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Further group discussion led to us considering the effectiveness of assessment when pupils are assessed against success criteria in which they have created. Building the Curriculum 5: A Framework for Assessment (2011, p.24) states, “As they develop skills in self and peer assessment, learners will build confidence and take more ownership for managing their own learning. By focusing on the processes of learning as well as on their achievement of outcomes, they will become reflective and positive contributors to assessment.” Eager to explore both strands of interest I chose to explore what happens to self-assessment when pupils set the success criteria.


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the effectiveness of self-assessment when pupils set their success criteria and how this effects pupil confidence and engagement.

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