Lisa Watson

Primary Teacher

Mossend Primary School

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What happens when I introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy questioning to my class?


‘Bloom’s taxonomy provides an important framework for teachers to use to focus on higher order thinking’ (Anon., 2013)

Bloom’s Taxonomy and its claim to improve higher order thinking skills across all levels of the primary school and beyond has been the topic of much discussion in the teaching profession since its creation in 1956. (Florida, 2015) But what happens when Bloom’s questioning is introduced into a modern day classroom? This enquiry focuses on improving not only a teacher’s professional understanding of the methodology behind Bloom’s itself but why it has transformed into what appears to be a common language for teachers to discuss and exchange learning and assessment methods in classrooms today.


The aim of this study is to investigate what effect Bloom’s Questioning has on the pupils of a modern day classroom.

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