Lorna McDonagh

Primary Teacher

Berryhill Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using Microsoft Teams meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning


With the Scottish Government’s continuous vision in raising attainment and achieving equity for all children, the use of digital technology has become a substantial contributor in enhancing learning and teaching, crucially equipping children with digital skills leading to improved educational outcomes (Scottish Government, 2016). Due to the recent school closures, digital learning has been at the forefront of learning, making online platforms such as Microsoft Teams a fundamental communication aid in encouraging children’s engagement with digital learning. After an enquiry group discussion, all group members collectively agreed that using Microsoft Teams to host meetings to increase children’s engagement with digital learning was imperative under the current circumstances of online learning. It is the intended that this practitioner enquiry will allow us to reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of using ‘Microsoft Teams meetings’ as a strategy of engaging children with digital learning, with the desired outcome of them engaging with all areas of the curriculum, whilst providing children opportunities to revisit, consolidate, extend and enhance their learning (Education Scotland, 2021). 


The aim of this practitioner enquiry is to increase children’s engagement with digital learning using Microsoft Teams meetings. 

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