Louise Baxter

Primary Teacher

St. Dominic's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What will happen when I introduce the chilli challenge to my pupils?


Menter et al (2011:14) detail practitioner enquiry as a process of ‘finding out’ information, research with an approach that can be justified and shared (GTCS, 2012). Reeves and Fox (2008) suggest that teachers who engage in research have an improved understanding of their pedagogy and the ways in which to enhance it. Practitioner enquiry involves teachers making intentional decisions, inquiring about the impact their educational approaches have on pupils’ learning, with a shift in focus from gathering information incidentally to collecting data in a systematic, determined fashion (Baumfield et al 2013). Edwards and Talbot (1999) suggest when framing a practitioner enquiry it is important to choose a research area that is of interest to you (Elton-Chalcraft et al, 2008). This was a factor I considered when selecting the focus for my practitioner enquiry. I feel it is important to ensure all pupils feel included within their educational environment, whilst participating in differentiated lessons (Hamilton and O’Hara, 2011). Therefore, I will attempt to review my enquiry relevant to differentiation within inclusive pedagogy as presented below.


The aim of my enquiry was to evaluate the success of the ‘Chilli Challenge’ through facilitating differentiated resources within Mathematics in a primary classroom setting.

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